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Here are some shots of our July 2004 camping trip at Maple Ridge campsite, on the Allouette River in Maple Ridge.  We had wanted to camp in Golden Ears park, but it was booked solid, so we had to make do.  We had a great time, anyways, as you will see.
  So having put the tent up, we went to Allouette lake for a swim, and to check out availability of canoes and kayaks for the next day.
  So we returned the next day, and rented a canoe and a kayak. I guess I could have done two kayaks, I thought there'd be more room for my pack in a canoe, but the kayaks would have had enough room.

Our first stop was a little cove that we'd stopped at a few years ago.  They did some target practice with an old stump out in the water.


Is this boy walking on water?  I suspect if I erased the stump it would look like it. Notice the Gold Creek canyon in the background.  This is the start of the approach for Golden Ears mountain.

  So, our next stop was at a dried up river bed. We ate lunch, then climbed up to the road, and the boys made rock-slides onto the culvert.
  Finally, it was time to go home. The water was getting a bit choppy, and we had a head-wind.  Colin was in the bow on the way back.

And Paul and Matthew had the kayak. Notice how rough the water is here!

    Back at the lake, the boys got into a bit of a muddy situation.
  And I mean REALLY muddy!
  Some fries for a snack, from the concession stand at the lake.
  When we got back to camp, we went to the Allouette river. We did some body surfing. Too bad we didn't have an inner tube.  We'll have to do that next time.
  More swimming in the river.

Below is a shot of our supper - hot dogs and Chilliwack "Peaches and Cream" corn! Nothing like it.

  We spent the last day at the river. Here are the boys, just before we left. Now doesn't this look pleasant for a hot, sunny day?

When we went home, we couldn't contact anyone, at first, and we were a bit early, so we went to 3rd beach at Stanley Park first, for a swim. Here are the boys enjoying the beach sand, below.


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